Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Got a Kitty

      I had put my name in to adopt a male kitten named Ezra at the Gastineau Humane Society.  When I went there to do my weekly volunteering, I inquired about where I stood on the adoption process.  Sandra informed me that they had found Ezra a home with another family, but that there was another kitten available if I was interested.  She took me back to the kitten room and pointed out a female Siamese kitten that had been mixed with some other domesticated cat.  I saw her and said "sure I'll take her. What is her name?"
     "Petral."  Sandra replied.
      That will have to change I thought to myself.  I went in the room and picked her up; she didn't even try to wiggle away she just started to purr and nuzzle up to my cheek.  She was an older kitten. "how old she is?" I asked.
       "Five months; she has been spade and has her first round of shot." I was informed
        Petral wiggeled out of my arms and went and drank some water.  I stepped over the kitty gate washed my feet in the kitty foot bath and used hand sanitizer.  Then Sandra and I made arrangements for the adoption.  We deicided we would meet back at 4:00PM; it was now 11:00AM. I was excited.
        I had a dilemma. I didn't have the seventy dollars for the adoption fees or the five dollars for the kitty cat box to carry her home in on the bus. Luckily I have a good friend Ruth  who just happened to be with me today and who also had just gotten paid.  She said she lend me the money until next week when I get I paid. It was a God day. Because I went shopping that afternoon with George my case manager and had enough money to by the kitty essentials; a litter box, cat liter, kitten chow, and a water bowl.By the time we were done shopping I met back with Ruth and we went to GHS to meet with Sandra to finalize the adoption
       I filled out paper work and went over the adoption contract. The kitten has another set of shots on the 16th of  November that will cost me $20.00.  We finished the paper work and she gave me a packet of stuff along with a kitten dvd and a container of dewormer goop for the kitten. Then I gave her $75.00 and went out into the lobby and waited for the kitten.  While Ruth and I were sitting there we were looking at cat toys and there it was a fluffy purple mouse with a bell on the end of a string connected to a pole. I had to have it. I was purple; it would match my purple chair.  Ruth bought it for me and said " you owe $80.00."
       "Okay I promise" I crossed my heart.
        A young lady with long brown hair and a smile carrying a cardboard pet carrier with a howling kitten in it came out from the back room."here is Petral; she is ready to go home."
       "Thanks,Ill take good care of her. See ya."
        Petral instantly became a bus kitty. She did very considering.it was one of the worst storms of the month. She meowed a little and was relieved when I let her out of the box at Ruth's house while I stopped to get something to eat.  She was very curios. Scoped the whole apartment and kept a eye on the bedroom door where Ruth's cats were hiding.  At 5:13PM we to catch the bus.  We caught it to Breeze In where I got off to get some smokes.  It was raining buckets.  I was soaked and so was Petral's box.  Finally we got on the bus towards home.  When we got of the bus we treaded down the hill and stairs to my apartment. I opened the door and set Petra down.  I took off my wet coat, dropped off my back pack, and took the ktity liter pan into my bedroom closet  and filled it with two inches of kitty liter. Then I got her food and water and put it in my bedroom.  My intent was that my bedroom was going to be the kitty's new home while she adjust to the apartment. It was one of Sandra's suggestions. Anyway I went back to pick up the kitten in the box and as I did she fell out of the bottom. I was in shock. What would of happened if it had happened out on the streets. It is a God thing that it happened at home. Well, she is here; now all I have to do is come up with a name.