Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welome to Slasher's Secret Hiding Place

This place is a shelter for those who are alone in the middle of the night and are thinking of harming themselves. I know what it is like when those thoughts don't stop. They just keep going round and round in your head you want to cut, you want to hurt your self in some way even though you know your not supposed to because people tell you that they love you. I know what it is like because I am a cutter and everyday I struggle to stay clean from it. I write, paint, draw, do bead work, exercise, play chess and have a social life. I don't work because it has me so disabled. Maybe together we can stop this shit. We don't have to hurt ourselves we are beautiful people. I have a week clean. We don't have to live the dramas of the er and psyche units.  We can choose to be productive people. Sometimes I don't believe this, but I have to it is my only hope. Life is precious like a child and as a cutter I abuse it and ride on death edge just for the fun of it. It is crazy making. I hope with this site to share with you the positive things  that I am doing in my life that are keeping me in a healthy  frame of mind.

My Daily Maintenance Program
things I have to do everyday
*Sleep 9hrs
*Eat six small meals
*drink 8oz h2o
*Take my meds
*check my blood sugar (  I am diabetic)
*do an hour of art a day
*do an 1/2 hour of exercise a day
*talk to five friends
*go outside for 1/2 hour
*clean house/dishes

Things I need to weekly

*talk to therapists
*clean house
*art group

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