Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hair Controversy

   I was at the pharmacist waiting for some meds the other day when we got tinto a conversation about my hair.  Lately my hair seems to be on the list of many topics of conversations.  You see there aren't vert many middle age, overweight, white women that run around with a Mohawk on their head.  The pharmacist just couldn't phathom me shaving my head when he has spent most of his life using Rogaine to keep hair on his head.  I was in my substanabuse counselor's office the other day and one of the counselors confronted me with "Okay Kathi what's up with the dew. What it really going on?"
    "There isn't anything going on I just like the Mohawk, give me a break."  But I kept thinking about it. Why do I have a Mohawk? 1. It is easy to care for. 2.When I was sixteen I wanted one and the closet I got was a bob cut. I hated it. 3. For someone who is 45yrs old and has been told by the doctors that they will never work again. Fuck it cut away. I finally don't have to worry about who the hell cares what I look like. I know people giggle and out right laugh behind my back. That is okay laughter is good for the soul and you know what I am crazy. I am legally crazy that is why I get the big bucks on SSI. Real Big bucks like $226.00.
      Hair is hair. It is definitely over rated. Ask any cancer patient. My Mohawk is a statement of my personal freedom.  It also is a great boundry setter for me.  If you don't like me because of my hair then you have deeper issues that I don't want to get to know about.  It is like having a different skin color. So my hair is my issue.   I love my Mohawk. I wear it proudly.

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  1. Kathi-your mohawk is badass. I've always thought so. Glad you wrote a blog about it!