Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mom and Dad Had Wierd T.V. Habits

     I come from a very hard working family. My Mom had many jobs from teacher, librarian, and real estate agent. Plus raising three daughters. My Dad was an agricultural economist. The number of jobs and types of jobs was numerous. He worked for the state of Hawaii doing experiments with papayas with one job when I was little. When I was older he was only home one month out of the year while he was in Egypt working on super farms. But one thing for sure when my folks were at home they were in their easy chairs in front of the T.V. watching their favorite television shows.
     In our house at 6PM everything had to be quiet like a mouse because the 6o'clock news was on. I can vividly remember my sisters and I when I was six years old laying on the king size bed that my sister Lisa and I shared.  We were giggling and laughing having a sweet time. Dad yelled "quiet the news is on." We giggled louder. He stomped into the bedroom screaming profanities and proceeded to smack my sister Lauri on the ass. Then came me. I closed my eyes. Smack! Then Lisa, oh poor Lisa, she got the worst of it. Smack! "Now! Damn it be quiet! Understand!" Dad stomped out of the room and went to his easy chair. So, from then on I learned not to bug Dad while he is watching T.V.
      Mom on the other hand didn't have the upper hand except when it came to Wheel of Fortune.  The whole world stopped for this show. Don't you dare stand in front of the T.V. or words that should not be heard would come out of my mothers mouth. One thing that I don't know if I am supposed to believe my parents or not. They believed that if you turned your T.V. off it would break. Something about turning your T.V. off and on repeatedly burns out the tube. So needless to say Mom and Dad had their television on 24/7. Funny thing is my Uncle who is a television repairman does the same thing and so does my older sister Lauri.  I turn mine off.
    I am trying to decide if I want cable. I just got a brand new 32 inch flat screen. I can be happy with just DVD's an VHS. There is so much in life to do then just watch T.V. and get all weird.

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